Ways to Play Paper Football

unduhan-14A paper football does not look like a ball at all, and is in fact, flat and triangular in shape. It is a game which is played by flicking the triangle, so as to make it slide on a smooth rectangular table. It is very important for the table to have an extremely smooth surface, as it allows the football to slide across the edges, so as to score a touchdown. The size of the table may depend upon the number of players or the preference of the competitors. In order to learn how to play paper football, you will firstly need to learn how to make the triangular football. Making this dice is pretty easy once you get the basic idea of how to go about the directions. Read the directions carefully, before getting started so as to avoid mistakes. Using thick paper, or craft paper, makes the triangle more sturdy and long-lasting. You may wrap a plastic layer over this striker, to make it resistant to dirt and tearing.

How to Make a Paper Football

  • All you will need is normal A4 sized sheet of paper. You may use a rough page from your school worksheet as well.
  • Now fold the sheet into three equal and vertical halves, so as to form a rectangular ruler like shape.
  • Your next step requires you to fold the edges of the paper in order to create a small triangle. You will do this by flipping the corner of the sheet, and bringing it to the other edge of the sheet, this will make a triangle.
  • Repeat this procedure a few times, until only a small rectangular patch of paper is remaining. At this point you must have a thick, and flat triangular piece of paper in your hand.
  • Take the free side of the paper and tuck it into the triangle. If you find this tough, you can cut off the reaming paper and stick it with tape.
  • Your paper football is ready. You must slide it on the table to see how smoothly it moves around.

Rules to Play Paper Football

► A two player game will require the tossing of a coin, according to which the opener of the game is decided. The two players have to sit facing each other, with the table in between them.

► The player defending his goal post will need to create a goal area, by touching both his thumbs together. The rest of the fingers will be held up, so as to create the goal posts, akin to American football fields. Both players must either keep the goal posts at similar heights or use other items in order to demarcate the goal area.

► A game starts with a Kick-Off, which actually means to make the first flick or slide of the triangular football. The opponent will need to kick the ball according to where it stops on the playing field, which is the table. However, if the ball falls over the edge of the table, it is considered as a foul, and no score is allotted for this move.

► Secondly, if during the kick-off, the offensive party slides the ball in such a way that the ball has a part of its edge sticking across the edge of the table, then it falls under the Safety Zone. This move gains 2 points for the opening slider.

► There are other ways of initiating a kick-off, the most popular being the Wind Rule. Under this rule, the player needs to place the ball on his or her palm and flick it up in the air, by slapping the underside of their one hand by using the free hand. The objective is to make the ball fly across to the defensive goal post, in order to gain a 2 point score.

► The paper football cannot be pushed and must always be flicked, using the same technique as used while playing the carom-board game or the game of flicking marbles.

► A Touchdown is the highest scoring move, which earns the slider 6 points. It looks like a kick-off and requires the edge of the paper football to be jetting out over the edge of the table. After which, the opponent will try to disturb the paper using a key chain, pen, pencil or ruler. If in case the paper slides over and falls from the table, it is considered as a touchdown (TD)!

► Soon after scoring the touchdown, the player will get a second chance to score 1 or 2 points, which will be added to the 6 points from the touchdown.

► For a score of 1 point, it requires that the player flick the ball in the air, so that it travels across the middle of the goal posts.

► The Two Point Conversion requires that the player slide the ball across the table, much like a touchdown, in order for the ball to reach the edge of the table.

► Field Goals gain 3 points for the player. It uses the palm flick, which makes the ball fly across to the goal post.

► Penalties cause the loss of possession of the ball, which is taken over by the competing party.

► The game ends with a Sudden Death, when the game time as decided by the players comes to an end. Any point gained by the party in possession of the paper ball, after the game time, wins the game, only if his or her score is higher than the opponent’s.

The above mentioned rules show you how to play paper football in the conventional manner, using basic steps. However, many variations have been introduced, as per the feasibility of the competing parties. You can do the same too to have more fun!

How to Help You Get Better at Scramble

There is good news for Android users, as now, Scramble with Friends is available on Google Play with new features. So, once the app is downloaded, you can play with friends and enjoy this addictive word game. For those who are learning the ropes of this game, a brief outline of how to play. Each game is played by two players and consists three, 2-minute rounds to search words in a 4×4 grid of letters. Each word found earns a player specific points, and the player who has the highest score accumulated over three rounds is declared the winner.

Sounds fairly simple, doesn’t it? But do you find it difficult to beat your top score each time you play it? In that case, you should get acquainted with these smart tips given below, to increase your points and win at Scramble with Friends.

To begin with, instead of looking for high scoring long words, try to find smaller, two-three letter words. These words take less time to spot. You can make two-consonant or two-vowel words like aa, sh, etc., as well. These words do exist. Focus on finding small words that can lead to their plurals or inflections. This will earn you more points.

Most beginners tap on each letter to connect them and find a word. Instead, just slide your finger over the letters to make words. This little tactile tip will save you that little more time to find another word.

While searching for words, don’t just look horizontally or vertically, try searching diagonally, forwards, and even backwards. Remember, the only rule in Scramble is that the letters must be adjoining each other, whatever be the direction.

In case you spot long words, try to split them up into smaller words, in order to gain points. For example, gamer can be split up into game, rage, gear, ear, mare, are, ream, etc.

As you know, the time limit offered by the game is only two minutes. If you want to increase this limit, you can use the freeze power-up which will stop the timer for few seconds. Thus, you will have additional time to spot words.

If you think you can’t find any more words and feel like giving up, don’t, you can try the inspiration power-up which will highlight the possible words.

You can try the scramble power-up for re-scrambling the words in the grid. This might help you gain a fresher perspective on the available letters, thus enabling you to spot more words.

The vision power-up gives you three words that you have to find. Once you are done finding these, you will gain an additional 15 seconds to play the game.

Use the mega freeze power-up to get extra 90 seconds to play the game, and earn additional points.

Each letter in the game has an assigned value. In the second and third round, there will be score modifiers that will double or triple your letter or word. Thus, it is advised to make words with these tiles first.

Look for the letter ‘s’ in the grid. Focus on searching singular words, and then add an ‘s’ to make plurals. This way, you will gain additional points.

Search for meaningful vowel-consonant combination. Once you have found the right combination, you can just change a few letters and make new letters. For example, if you spot ‘make’ on the gird, you can make, ‘bake’, ‘cake’, ‘sake’, etc., given all the words are present on the grid.

Use the bonus letters present on the grid. To earn more points, first make words without the bonus letter, and then make same word using the bonus letter.

Scramble will allow you to finish the word you are making, if you are holding a letter in the last second. So, in the last few seconds, hold down a letter that can possibly be part of a word. In case you pick the right letter, you will earn points in that last second as well.

If you have still not played the game, download it for Apple and Android devices. If nothing works out, install the Scramble Cheats app onto your device. The app will provide all the possible words in no time, while you pause your game. Make these words, and earn points. Try to use these tips when you play the game next time. Hope to see you on the top scorers list!

Rules to Play the Left Right Center (LCR) Dice Game

The LCR game being a chance-based game doesn’t really have a strategy of any sort, and is played simply with dice and chips. It’s a very addicting, and fast-paced game that you surely would enjoy with a group of friends or with your family.

The three dice used in LCR aren’t regular dice. Each die has ‘L’, ‘C’, and ‘R’ written on three sides, and three dots on the other three sides. However, the game can also be played using regular dice by previously deciding the sides that would denote each of the three letters. For instance, we could say the letter ‘L’ would be 1 on each die, ‘C’ would be 4, and ‘R’ would be denoted by 6. Another way could be using blank dice and marking L, C, and R on three sides, and dots on the rest.

Following are the rules for the game, so quickly go through them and begin playing LCR.

How to Play the Left Right Center Dice Game

Step 1
Sit in a circular formation, ideally on a table or an open area. Keep ample space in the center; this area would be utilized as a pot to place chips.

Step 2
Distribute 3 chips to every player. To decide the opening player, all players can roll the three dice. The player to have most dots starts the game.

Step 3
The first player must roll the dice to begin playing.

Step 4
There could be four probable outcomes after the dice has been rolled. The dice could either show an L, C, R, or dots.

If any of the dice turns up to be an L, the player gives a chip to the player on the left. If any of the dice turns out to be a C, place one chip in the pot (in the center). Finally, if a dice turns out to be R, give a chip to the player on your right.

Step 5
In case you get one or multiple dots, those many chips stay with you. For instance, if you get an L, an R, and a dot, you give one chip each to the players on the left and right, and one chips stays with you.

Step 6
Roll only those many dice that correspond with the number of chips you have. If you have one chip, roll one, and so on.

Step 7
The best part is that even if you lose all your chips, you don’t lose the game. There is a very high chance that a player besides you might give you a chip on his/her respective turn. However, you don’t get to roll the die unless you have chips.

Step 8
The game continues till one player dominates and acquires all the chips. This player is the winner, and he/she also gets all the chips from the pot.

If you’re playing with money, try not to lose too much. You can ideally play with lesser denominations. Roll the dice and enjoy!

Tips to Play the Black Magic Mind Game

The Black Magic game is nothing but tricking the audience into perceiving that you have dark powers and can communicate through psychic messages. However, the audience would be well aware that every magic has some secret behind it, something like a signal or hidden gesture.

The task of the audience is to figure out this secret by carefully observing your act. But don’t worry, even if the audience is successful in guessing the secret; you can manipulate the trick by introducing a new secret.

It’s beginning to sound interesting, right? Then why wait, let’s get started. Take a look at how to play the Black Magic game.

Instructions to Play the Black Magic Mind Game

Create a Demonic Atmosphere

To make the trick feel real, create a demonic setting. Switch off the lights, and light some candles. If possible, arrange for some fake skulls and bones. Draw a pentagon symbol somewhere on the floor, and light candles on the five points around it.

Dress in a black-hooded sweatshirt, and leave your hair untied (if you’re a girl). Also, condition your gestures and expressions in such a way that the audience should feel that you’re constantly communicating with evil powers.

Arrange for an Assistant

Pick somebody from the crowd and take him to a separate room (do not pick a friend as the audience might get suspicious). You could fake this by saying that you need to penetrate his mind in order to form a psychic association.

However, the truth is that you have to explain the trick to your assistant and share your secret with him/her.

Explain the Trick

Once in the room, don’t forget to lock the door. Now, tell your assistant about the secret. The game would start when you leave the room and return to the audience; the assistant would come only when you call for him/her. When with the audience, you will ask a volunteer to point to an object present in the room; it could be anything from a chair to a person’s t-shirt.

To make the object clear, ask the volunteer to point to the object from a closer distance. Pointing is essential because naming it could make the audience think that the assistant might be eavesdropping. Now you call the assistant whom you have previously told a sequence, wherein the object you point to after any black object would be the one that the volunteer suggested. You may also ask your assistant to behave as if he’s being controlled by you.

Play the Game

Now return to the audience, and stick to the plan. When a volunteer has suggested an object, tell the audience that you’re going to use psychic powers to communicate the object to your assistant while he’s in the room. Blabber some spell or mantra to yourself with your eyes closed.

Call your assistant and pretend as if you’re gaining control over his mind. Look directly into his eyes and ask him to follow whatever you say. You could ask him to do stupid things like keeping his hand over his head, sitting on his knees, moving a few steps right/left/front/back leading him to the pentagon etc. Once in the pentagon, you could show as if he’s in complete control and follows whatever is going on in your mind.

Work the Trick

Now, point out to a few objects and ask your assistant whether it is the object you’re thinking about. For instance, you could say, “Is it Emma’s golden watch that I am thinking about?” or “Is it the broken chair that’s in my mind?” or “Am I thinking of the desktop computer?” etc.

As decided, point to a black object after you’re done with a few other objects. You could say, “Is it Natalie’s black stilettos that I am thinking of?” The assistant would reply negatively on this one, and positively on the next, which is the correct object. The audience for a second would be astonished when they hear the unexpected.

Ask the Audience to Guess the Secret

The audience would try guessing the trick; if they are wrong, you could do it once more in the same way. In case someone guesses right, you could deny and use a variation in your trick and display the act once again to confuse the audience.

For instance, you could use the number method on your second attempt. In this method, you decide a number previously with your assistant, let’s say it’s 6. The assistant would reply positively on your sixth question, which would be the correct object. This would leave the audience confused on what trick you actually used.


You could also use a coded gesture to communicate the object like taking one or two gradual steps towards the audience before asking the question, or lightly tapping the floor with your feet, or using a keyword when asking a question, etc.

May you be successful in tricking the audience and keeping your secret. Enjoy the game and have fun!