Games to Play That’ll Help Break the Ice

For some, getting a conversation started can be a daunting task, especially if it’s a new couple or with their kids. For others it can come quite naturally. Sometimes you and your mates might be stuck at a place where card games or board games aren’t an option. Regardless of the situation you are in; maybe you are waiting in line at the bank with your friend, driving, or when there’s load shedding at home, conversation games are a classic way to spend time.

These games not only improve your relationship with the other person, but also help to get people talking about things which they may not normally be comfortable with. Listed below are a few conversation games. All you need is a little bit of imagination.

Good Conversation Games

Truth Or Dare
For this game, the group has to sit in a circle. Now take a bottle, place it in the middle of the circle and spin it. When it stops its cap portion will face one player and other side will face another. One of them has to ask “truth or dare” to the other player. If he selects truth, player asks him question & if he selects dare, he has to given challenge to complete. There are ample sites suggesting funny questions and hilarious dares to complete. Here is our list of truth or dare questions.

My Name is Alex
This game is very helpful for kids, as it helps improve their vocabulary and sentence construction. This game starts with one person adding a name and a thing, but in an alphabetical order. Take for example, the first player says A my name is Alex and I like Apricots, the next player has to say, A my name is Alex and I like Apricots,B my name is Bosco and I like baseball. And the game continues with each player reciting and contributing more to the chain.

Two Facts And a Lie
In addition to getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend better, this game will help you to understand how well (or poorly) your significant other lies. The premise of this game is easy: you need to state three stories, two of them are true and the third one is a lie. Your partner has to guess what is true and what is not.

How’s Yours?
You require a large group of friends or gather a large group of people to play this game. A group of people team up against one guesser. The team needs to provide clues to the guesser but which can’t be too easy or hard. It is somewhat like twenty questions, but the only question the guesser is allowed to ask is how’s yours? To find an object, all the team members need to decide on something which is fairly common and everybody has it; for example a passport, a cell phone, or an email account.

The guesser then questions one of the team members, how’s yours? The questioned individual has to provide an honest clue that will help the guesser to figure out the object. The guesser is entitled to only one guess per clue. If the guesser is able to answer your clue, then you have to be the next guesser.

Make It or Break It
All of us imagine the type of man/woman we want in our life. This particular game is all about that. In this game you need to imagine a man/woman with all the qualities you wish to have in them. Then one of the players says ‘Make it or Break it’ and adds one bad quality to them. Then the rest of the group decides if they would still prefer to be with that person even if they possess that bad quality.

Name Ten
This is a fun and frolic family related game and is very simple to play. One player has to declare a particular category such as fruits, animals, or birds. The other players need to list down ten examples of that category. The player who came up with this category needs to ascertain if the examples fit in or not.

Last Letter
This one’s simple yet entertaining enough. One player has to start off by saying a random word and the next person has to continue by using the last letter of the previous word. The game continues until you reach a point where you can’t make a word that starts with that letter and has not been used before. So remember, words are not to be repeated. When a player gets stuck, he loses. There are four rounds to finish, and every time you lose, you get a letter from the word ‘KILL’. Thus, if you lose four times, that means you will be collecting all the four letters and hence get killed and lose the game.

20 questions
This is a game of pure logic. If you like logical reasoning then this game is for you. You need to decide on a physical noun like cake, cloud, or dog. The other player gets twenty questions to ask to figure out the object. It can be any type of question as long as it can be answered with a yes or no. After the twenty questions are up, the other player has to come up with a noun and you have to guess it.

Would You Rather
It’s more like rhetorical questioning. This game includes imagining scenarios that are both weighty. You need to think creatively for this game. Of course you can always search for scenarios online and include them in your game. Here is our list of would you rather questions. One player has to ask questions to the other player. The questions should start with ‘Would you rather’ and the other player has to answer by selecting one out of the two options. For example: Would you rather be very skinny or very fat?

I Have Never Ever
This game requires gulping down a drink (tea, coffee, beer) and the players need to take turns by saying “I have never ever done X”. If the other players have done that thing, they need to take a sip of their drink. This way you would understand who has done it and who has not. The beauty of the game is talking about things which you know the other players might have done, in this way getting them to finish their drink first.

Playing conversation games will let you connect and also have fun. But one thing to keep in mind is to have a playful mindset. Select the games you like and get your party rolling.

How to Play Pick Up the Sticks

How to Play “Pick Up Sticks”
Setup for the Game

➥ Choose a smooth and flat surface like a tabletop for the game.
➥ Remove everything on it so that the game area is clear.
➥ Get different-colored game sticks from any play store. You will need approximately 1 black stick, 7 red sticks, 7 blue sticks, 8 green sticks, and 7 yellow sticks.
➥ Hold them together vertically in your hand.
➥ Gently drop them on the flat surface that you have arranged for.
➥ The colored sticks will be mixed but don’t go on to rearrange them. Just let them be so.
➥ Choose the first player to start the game. You can roll a dice to decide the first player.
Instructions for Playing Pick Up Sticks Game

➥ Pick up one stick from the heap.
➥ Be careful not to move any other stick as you pick one up.
➥ After picking up one stick, you can go ahead and pick up another stick.
➥ If you disturb the other sticks while picking up one, then the next player gets his/her turn to play, while you lose your turn.
➥ The game continues till all the sticks have been collected.
➥ After collecting all the sticks, count the points. The player with the maximum points, wins.
Pick Up Sticks Game Scoring
➥ Points are allotted to the sticks that should be counted after the game.
➥ You can calculate the points with the help of the following chart-
Black stick = 25 points
Red stick = 10 points
Blue stick = 5 points
Green stick = 2 points
Yellow stick = 1 point
➥ All players can refer to this chart and count their points to decide the winner.
Game Variations
The game can be played with variations in the rules. Decide among all the players which of these rules are comfortable to follow and then begin the game.

➥ You can use 25-30 sticks while playing the game. Add more sticks if you want to make the game trickier.
➥ You can play the game in teams as well. For example, make a team of two people and add the points earned by each to the group score.
➥ After successfully collecting the black stick, you can use it as a support to pick up other sticks. For example, you are permitted to use the black stick to separate the sticks laying together or move a stick resting on another. However, keep in mind not to use any other stick for this purpose.
➥ If you pick the sticks in an order of red, blue, and green, your points will be doubled up.
➥ In some versions of the game, a hooked stick is included. It aids you while picking up a stick. However, the game can be played with hands as well.
Make Your Own Set of Sticks
➥ You can make your own sticks at home. All you need is a bunch of wooden skewers. Clip off the sharp ends of the skewers, and rub them smooth with a sandpaper. You will need to paint 1 stick black, 7 sticks red, 7 sticks blue, 8 sticks green, and 7 sticks in yellow color. Let the paint dry completely before using the sticks.
➥ You can use chopsticks too instead of wooden skewers. Toothpicks can be used as mini game sticks as well. Remember to paint all the sticks according to the game requirement.
Who thought that a few simple sticks can become a source of merriment! However, the most important aspect of the game is spending quality time with your loved ones!

Crab Soccer is Played Tips

This über-fun amusement is played by two groups, and can be played inside in a rec center or a b-ball court. All that is required is a swelled pen ball that can drift longer. Some play this diversion with a real football or volleyball too.

However, it is more challenging to use a small ball, because the participants are required to play this game sitting down. The players are supposed to use only their feet, while they rest their hands behind them on the floor.

The hands are used for pushing the body forward, while the feet are used for walking while sitting down. All this while, the torso is raised whenever the player wishes to move. This game is called so, because while seated in this position, the players look like crabs. This Buzzle article explains how to play crab soccer.
Crab Soccer Requirements
❑ A clean square or rectangular field, with no furniture, stones, or protruding items, that might injure the players.

❑ One inflated cage ball.

❑ 2 pairs of cones (4 nos.), that can act as goal posts, and placed on either sides of the field.

❑ If the field is big enough, you may add 2 more optional goal posts on the remaining two sides as well.

❑ Mandatory shoes, if using an actual football.
❑ Knee and elbow pads for the goalkeepers.

Instructions for Playing Crab Soccer
★ The number of participants can go as high as 20, depending on the size of the field. Therefore, make two teams with even number of participants.

★ More than one cage ball can be used if the number of participants is more, however, the goals will be added to the score of the two main teams only.

★ Divide the teams, using visual demarcations such as color-coding the uniforms, where the players wear colored shirts, socks, or headbands.

★ Appoint two goalkeepers who will be assigned their own area.

★ The players must be seated on their bottom, and should move with their torso facing up in order to do the crab walk properly.

★ The ball is placed in the center of the field, and the leader of the team that wins the toss is given the opportunity to kick-off the ball towards the opponent’s goal post.

★ The team that loses the toss must be placed 10 feet away from the other team. If the area is smaller, the distance can be reduced from 10 feet to whatever seems an acceptable distance.

★ Every time a goal is scored, the scoring team must kick-off the ball from the center of the field.

★ Whenever the ball goes out of the play area, the leader of the opponent team must kick the ball towards his/her teammates.
General Rules for Players
★ The players are not allowed to headbutt the ball.

★ Opponent team members cannot shout for a pass from the player who is in control of the ball.

★ Players are not allowed to carry the ball on their stomach or touch the ball with their hands. Such a foul will warrant a free kick to the opponent team.
★ Opponent players are not allowed to crowd and tackle the player in possession of the ball, instead, only 1-2 players can tackle the ball out of a player’s possession.

★ Players are also not allowed to kick the other participants, be aggressive, shout curses, push with their body, or use their hands while doing the crab walk.

★ The players cannot hold the ball between their feet or legs, as that will amount to the foul of foot holding or carrying the ball.
★ Nor are the players allowed to obstruct the movement of the opponent players, by grabbing their clothes, hands, feet, or by leg-locking.

★ Make one player the referee who will ensure all rules are followed, and will penalize the infringing players with penalty cards.

★ No player is allowed to enter the goalkeeper’s defending posts.
★ Scoring a goal from their own half of the field is invalid and cannot be counted.

★ Players who have broken the rules or kicked a fellow player are asked to sit outside the playing area for a specific duration.
Rules for Goalkeepers
★ The goalkeepers can touch the ball with their hands and rest on their knees, in order to defend their post.

★ The goalkeepers must not be allowed to venture out of their assigned goal areas.
★ Nor are they allowed to throw the ball from above their head. Underarm throwing is the correct approach, while the goalkeepers stay rested on their knees.

★ If the goalkeeper of one team breaks any of these rules, the opponent team will be awarded a penalty kick. This penalty kick must be taken from the center of the half-way line of the field.
Demarcate the goal limit, so that the team achieving the assigned score first, shall be declared the winner. Enjoy doing the crab walk and playing the crab soccer!

Play With Your Boyfriend to Keep the Spark Alive

An Unusual, Relaxing Game!
Sometimes, the best way to spend time together is relaxing in bed! Turn off your cell phones, stock up some romantic/thriller movies, grab some snacks, and spend the entire day by not moving from bed. Enjoy each others company by talking and playing around.

Yes, every day you learn something new about your partner. But, we bet there’s more to it. Games like Truth and Dare remain to be a classic when it comes to ‘couple games’, giving a chance to know things about each other better. We give you some more question-game options. You can play these games when out on a date or via texting. These can be effective in bringing laughter, and sometimes may also help to break the ice.

The thing about texting is that it can get monotonous after a certain time, like sending the same “good morning/good night” texts, or stuffing his inbox with “I love you” stuff. How about playing games through texting, and make your relationship more lively?

20 questions is played through texting since time immemorial. In case you haven’t, go for it. Ask him questions that are funny or sexy, like ‘What is the silliest dream you have ever had?’, or ‘What would you do if you get to know that I’m a zombie?’. Well, on that note, let’s look for more fun games below.

Games to Play When You’re Together

Surprise Box
This is a sweet game to be played with your boyfriend. Before your boyfriend comes over, get a box and decorate it with paints or wrapping papers, creating a box of love. Now make chits of paper. Pen down a task on every paper. Put all of these in your love box. The tasks can be like “Cuddle for five minutes”, “French Kiss for three minutes”, “Look into my eyes for five minutes”, etc. Get creative with your tasks, and make this little love game even more fun. Ask your guy to pull a paper chit and do as written on it. Interesting, isn’t it?

One Word, One Answer
One person (supposing, you) says one word and the other person (your boyfriend) has to say the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear it. Go about using words that relate to your love story, and let him follow the track. It brings up memories that you both have, but this game can get pretty funny as well.

Never Have I Ever

This is a drinking game. So it’s fun to play it while boozing. If not, you can go for cold beverages. It can involve several players and drinking plenteous amount of alcohol, but you can just as easily play it sober with two people.
Each one of you has to make a statement that “you’ve never done before!” like “you’ve never kissed someone younger to you”, or “you’ve never licked your nose”. The other player has to take a sip of the drink whenever a statement is made that contradicts his or her own experiences.

Blindfold Fun!

This is a simple, but very popular love game. Get a blindfold; this can be anything like a scarf. Decide who will be blindfolded first out of the two. It doesn’t matter who goes first; you both are gonna enjoy this game anyway. Okay, the game setup goes this way―the one who is blindfolded has to lie on a bed or couch. The one who isn’t blindfolded has 7 minutes, and in these 7 minutes, he/she is allowed to do anything to his/her blindfolded lover.
Enjoy this stipulated time doing whatever you can to your lover. Ooh, sounds exciting, isn’t it?
Cute Games to Play through Texting

Romantic Love Story
Create a fairy tale and cherish the times spent together through text messaging. Recreate the day you first met, or a special moment that took your relationship to another level. You can send him something like “Once upon a time, there was this sad, pretty girl …” If he gets it, he would reply continuing the story as, “and she met a cute guy.” You could then respond by saying “He asked her to the school dance …” and so on. Continue making your story, and chances are you’ll end up talking of how amazing those times were.

2 Truths 1 Lie
This one is pretty popular. You have to text him 3 stories: 2 true, and 1 that isn’t. Your boyfriend has to guess which is the lie. Similarly, ask him to do the same to you. Include things like ‘I fell in love with you the first time I saw you’, ‘I absolutely love your odor’, ‘I hate meeting you outdoors’; meaning things that are impossible for him to guess (which aren’t true). This also helps you learn new things about each other.

Mobile Scavenger Hunt
Play treasure hunt with your guy through text messages. Send him to locations that hold significance in your relationship. Send him clues, such as “Go to the place where we had our first kiss.” Continue to send clues and have him text you when he arrives there to reveal the next clue. Keep the game happening by sending photo messages as hints. Consider your all-time favorite park to be the final destination. Hide behind a tree or bush. When he gets there, jump out to surprise him with a picnic basket and enjoy lunch under a tree.

Dare it or Remove it
This is a guess game. Text your partner a dare. If he fails to complete the dare, ask him to remove a piece of his clothing. Next comes your turn. After each dare, send pictures to each other. Y’all can get a little notorious here, but be careful and limit it to keeping things fun and loving.

Tried-and-True Couples
Show him that your love can be compared to legendary couples. Text him the name of a female celebrity or some female legend, and he must reply with her male love interest. For instance, you can text him “Romeo” and then he would text back “Juliet”. Next, text “Angelina” and then he would text back “Brad Pitt”, and so on. To make things difficult, consider giving him descriptions instead of names, “Married to ubiquitous reality star, and has a daughter named North West” and he would reply with “Kanye.” Then, let him take a turn to send you clues to guess.

Mystery Sound
This game works best for couples who have texting and media capabilities. Record 5-second snippets of random sounds or tones and send them to each other. See if either of you can guess the source or the song. You can also play this by sending lyrics. Chances are, you both may come to know about each others play-list (if you already don’t :-P).

Texting is all about words, so why not increase your Scrabble-ques vocabulary skills in the process? Just kidding on that part! With this game, you should break apart a word and rearrange its letters to create as many different word combinations as possible within an allotted time frame. But since you’re playing this with your guy, don’t forget to make the game sexy. Include romantic words or naughty gestures.

Movie Medley
Text your lover a movie title, and ask him to give a response with a movie title ONLY! The person has to connect his/her answer to the previous movie titles, and go on making a chain. Create your own (funny) story, and remember it’s all about loving and having fun with each other.