How to Catch Sports Games

When it comes to being a sports fan, it’s more of a way of life than a mere interest or hobby. When you’re into sports, catching your team’s games is important to you, and you don’t want to, nay, can’t, miss a single game, short of an emergency. So, to make sure you catch every game, you want to have the best and most access possible. In this modern age of technology, there are more ways than ever to watch your games, so what is the best option? That question may not have an easy answer, but here are a few tips to find the right fit for you.

For starters, today we have numerous ways to watch just about anything, and the newest, and quickly becoming the most prevalent, is the streaming service. Netflix is the exemplar of this new way to consume media, and it will most likely not be able to offer you live sporting events, so you can safely cross Netflix, Hulu, etc. off your list, though they have plenty to offer in other categories of entertainment.

Something more useful to you is the livestream. This is basically broadcast television, uut on the internet. Livestreams have a lot of different types of media on offer, from people playing video games for an audience to special events. Under that umbrella term of “special events” is sporting events, and that’s where you come in. The business model of the livestream is this: either it’s free, or it’s pay per view. So, when it comes to big events like sporting events, expect to pay a small, one time fee to catch your games.

Despite all of the advancements in entertainment technology, perhaps the best way is a relic of the past: cable TV. Cable television offers all of its programming on a set schedule, so live sporting events fit the mold quite nicely. So along as you have ESPN as part of your cable package, you’re good to go, so try finding the best service via providers like QVC and get watching.

Kids to Play Indoors and Keep Lethargy at Bay

A child may comprehend that it’s frosty/down-pouring or extremely hot outside, however his/her young heart still needs to play for some additional time. In the event that you are a cherishing guardian who can’t see his/her child miserable, I figure you have to make sense of an approach to make them grin. So imagine a scenario in which the climate is somewhat disagreeable today, children can simply have a great time and energy in their own home. They simply require a decent organization who will take part in their blameless and fun diversions and make their time advantageous. How about we see some fun diversions for children to play inside.

Fun Games to Play at Home

It’s true that kids love playing outdoor games but playing indoor games does have its own advantages. Kids playing indoors will always be under the watchful eyes of their parents. Playing indoors also means minimum chances of getting hurt or getting involved in an accident; and playing indoor games is a great way of exploring new ideas while having fun. If your kid and his/her friends are stuck up in the house because of the harsh weather, here are some amazing games for kids to play inside, which guarantee fun.

Complete Beetle First
The kid who makes the beetle first will be declared the winner of the Complete Beetle First game. This indoor game mainly relies on luck and basic drawing skills. To play Complete Beetle First, kids will need drawing paper, pair of dice and markers. It’s important that more than 2 kids participate in this game. You begin this game by rolling the dice to complete the beetle. Here’s what you have to roll;

Head ~ 1
Body ~ 2
Leg ~ 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Eye ~ 9, 10
Antenna ~ 11, 12

You begin this game by rolling the pair of dice but remember you can only draw one part of the beetle’s body for each roll. For instance; let’s say you rolled out 2 and 3. Now you can either draw the body or the leg. Or, you can add the number which comes to 5 and draw the leg again. It’s up to you, just remember one body part at a time. The kid who finishes drawing the beetle first is the winner.

Rock Paper Scissors
This is one of the oldest games in the world but it’s still fun to play. The game at least needs two to three kids to play. One kid can give the order and the other two have to be prepared with any of the three; Rock, Paper or Scissors. A fist is the rock, a hand with all the fingers out together is paper and a fist with two fingers out is scissors. Rock kills scissors, scissors kills paper and paper kills rock.

Freeze Dance
One of the best games for kids to play indoors. All you need is a music player and a music monitor (mom). All the kids need to pick their spots and start dancing and when the music stops, they should freeze at that point. Mom keeps her eyes open because if anyone is moving or anyone who doesn’t hold their pose properly is out of the game.

Guess It
In this game of guessing, kids have to guess the object without using the actual phrase or name. This indoor game for children helps them to learn and name simple terms. Participants just need some magazines, a bottle of glue, some index cards and a medium-sized box. This game should have at least 2 to 3 participants. Now find and cut out pictures of animals, famous personalities, brands, sports anything that might sound attractive. Cut these pictures out and glue them on the cards. Now place of all these cards in the box and mix them well. Take each card from the box and say the words which would describe the picture but make sure not to use the exact phrase. See how much time it takes for other participants to guess what is the card holder trying to say.

Fetch the Ball
Kids can also include their pet dogs in indoor games. Dogs regularly need exercise and playing with them indoor is as beneficial as taking them out for a walk outdoors. Kids can play a good game of fetch and make sure they use soft rubber balls especially made for dogs. Avoid playing with tennis balls as they are very hard and can prove unhealthy for the dog’s teeth.

List of Indoor Games for Kids

If kids are stuck indoors it doesn’t mean they have to play video games or watch TV to pass time. There are many indoor games which can be played inside the house for more fun and entertainment.

Build the Highest Card Tower
Plastic Bottle Bowling
Dart Game
Volleyball with Balloons

I hope this article has proved that staying indoors is not that bad as it sounds. Kids can play various indoor games and have the same fun that they have when they are outside under the open sky.

Couples to Make the Evening a Big Hit

There is dependably a requirement for some indoor gathering recreations for couples, particularly when the gathering is implied for and is go to by just couples. Said underneath are around 6 extraordinary thoughts that you can put to utilize and frame your own one of a kind gathering amusements. So what are you sitting tight for? Begin perusing…

Our lifestyles today, tell us we need to party every weekend! Come Friday or Saturday night and we look forward to making plans with friends and family. Of course, with so many parties to attend and throw, there needs to be something different in each of these parties to make them more fun, isn’t it? The best way to have some great fun at these parties is by arranging some amazing fun games. In this article, we’ll look at some ideas relating to indoor party games that are meant only for couples. You can use these ideas, modify them if you want and arrange some of the most amazing couple games at your parties. Couples games are not only famous today but also offer a great way to pass time at parties that might just get boring with only the talking.

Interesting Indoor Party Games for Couples

The following are just ideas that will help you to arrange some indoor party games, your way. You can put in more ideas to something you like, change something you don’t like, and also combine a few of the following ideas if you like. The games can then be held at any party you want, big or small. Let’s check them out!

Who knows?
Take a piece of paper and divide it into two equal parts: one for men and the other for ladies. Make ten common categories such as ‘favorite color’, ‘favorite movie’, ‘favorite cuisine’ etc. Under every category, on the left half of the paper, people have to write what they think is their partner’s favorite color/movie/cuisine and on the right, their own. Every correct answer will gain the couple one point. The maximum points a couple can score are 20. All the couples have to take this quiz individually but at the same time and for the same time too. You can increase the number of categories and also hold the game as a personal quiz if you want. The couple who scores the maximum number of points is the winner.

Who thought?
Every couple will get two minutes (one minute per partner) in this game. For one entire minute, each individual has to speak something about their partner. They can say anything they want but if one of the individuals pauses for more than two seconds, the couple gets disqualified. Randomly select names from a box so that there are no arguments over preference. Obviously, the individual who is last to speak would get the maximum time. Ask someone to keep a check on the time and also on what exactly is every individual is speaking. The best speech, the best impromptu thinking and the best pace will win the game.

Who’s better?
Now we come to the regular party games where usually people compete against each other but here, it’ll be the couples competing against each other. The host can hide say 50 items anywhere in the house and the couples attending the party have to find these items. The couple that finds the maximum number of items in the given time, wins the game. If you are the host, make a list of 50 items that you would like to hide. Give this list to every couple, just one list between two people. This will make sure the couple finds the items together. Remember the good old name-place-animal-thing game? Print sheets with every single alphabet and give one to every couple. This makes it two sheets per couple. Both the partners have to find different answers for each alphabet. The couple to finish first, wins! If you are fine with some alcohol, drinking games can also be a part of these competitions.

Blind Turns!
Gather all the guests and make them stand in a line. Randomly select one person and blindfold him/her. If a woman is blindfolded, make only the men stand in the line now and vice versa. Now make that person go through the entire line once before starting the time. Once this is done, start the time (you can decide what time limit should be maintained) and make that person stand at the start of the line. Now this person, has to guess where his/her partner is in the line only by touching and trying to guess. Everyone who succeeds in the given time, wins! If you want only one single winner, the person who guess the fastest, wins!!

One Truth, One Lie!
In every couple, one person will write down five lies and five truths. These can be absolutely anything of your choice. Your partner has to guess which one of those are the lies and which ones are the truths. People, who successfully make the right choices, proceed to the next round. The same cycle will continue until only two contestants remain. Now, you can start playing the game verbally. This way, everyone at the party can hear what is going on and thus, everyone will have fun.

Two to Tango!
It’s easy to dance when no one is watching but when everyone has their eyes just on you, it might get a tad difficult, isn’t it? Make chits in such a manner that there should be chits that contain the name of a couple and equal number of chits that have dance songs written on them. Make sure that the name and songs chits are of different color. You can ask the guests to put in one dance song of their choice if you want. Like a draw, take out the name chit and then the song chit. The couple will have to dance on that song for a specified amount of time. The best dancing couple wins!!

These were some unique and interesting indoor party games for couples which will surely make your party more fun. These fun party games for couples should be held in quick succession or should be held in an area that is appropriate for the number of people attending. Treasure hunts and minute to win it games are also some commonly held games at couple parties. Plan well in time and make these games a hit and by the end of it, people will be asking for more. Have fun!

How to Winning the Electrifying Game of Jenga

While the individuals who are not well known, the prime target of this diversion is to construct the tallest tower utilizing just 54 pieces or squares stacked one over the other. Every player/s gets an opportunity to expel one and one and only piece from any level of the tower (with the exception of the last and penultimate level) and place it on the top, in this manner, expanding the tallness of the tower. A few things to recollect here is every player/s is permitted to utilize one and only hand while expelling a piece, and his/her turn is finished just when one square is expelled from the base and put on top.

So much so for the playing essentials. If the tower collapses during or after a move, the player causing the collapse is declared as the loser.

Now, you may have played the game at a friend’s house party, and you couldn’t get enough of it. So, you finally buy it for yourself, and now, you wish to become a pro at it. Keep the following tips in mind that are sure to give you an edge over your opponent, the next time you play Jenga.

Push the blocks, don’t pull
When you pull a block out, the motion of lifting the block disturbs the balance of the tower, and causes it to topple over. Whereas, pushing or gently tapping a block out, distributes the load of the tower gradually, thereby, maintaining the stability of the tower.

Eliminate blocks at the center first
Removing blocks from the sides of the tower is riskier than eliminating blocks from the center. The reason behind this involves some technical stuff (cantilevers, balancing beams, etc.) which is rather beside the point. What you need to remember is, remove blocks from the center, thereby, compelling your opponent to eliminate blocks on the sides, which is a potentially risky move.

When you run out of center blocks, shift side blocks to the center
Gently tap both the blocks on the side to move them towards the center. Once one of them is exactly at the center, get rid of the other tactfully. The key is to maintain the center of gravity with that one block, to hold the tower in place. Ensure that the block is exactly at the center, as the stability of the remaining blocks above depend on it.

Out from the left, in from the right
If you eliminate a block from the right side, place it at the top of the tower on the left side. Likewise, a block from the bottom left should go to the top right. At times, where you eliminate blocks from the center, check which side needs to be balanced more, and accordingly, place the block on the appropriate side. For example, if you feel the tower is about to topple towards the right, place the block that you just removed from the center, on the top-left side of the tower.

Size (and thickness) matters!
The blocks slightly vary in thickness. Naturally, the thinner ones are less likely to bear the load of the tower than thicker ones. Shift the thinner ones to the top to ensure a stable tower. As the game progresses, the blocks that were tightly stuck at the beginning, would loosen up. Look out for those blocks, and eliminate them first.

Focus on individual moves
If there is any strategy and plan to win at Jenga, then it is to focus on one single block and move at a time. In your quest to build the tallest Jenga tower, you may plan a couple of moves ahead and chart a course for your game. But your plan is sure to get altered because of the moves your opponent makes.

Use your non-dominant hand too
Simultaneous use of both hands to remove a block from the Jenga tower is not allowed. However, skillful movement and alternative use of both the hands, when required, not only improves dexterity of the hands, but also helps to balance the tower more effectively.

Take your time
The best thing about this game is that there is no time constraint. (You could, however, devise a variation in which each participant gets only a limited amount of time to complete his turn of taking out a block from the Jenga tower; it would speed up the game and make it more interesting and exciting). Since there is no time limit, relax, breathe, and make your move. Don’t take too long though; you might ruin the moment and excitement for the other players.

Avoid strategy
When we say ‘avoid strategy’, what we are really trying to say is don’t plan multiple moves at one time. Between your current move and the next move you have planned in your head, the game will change drastically, as your opponent shifts and eliminates blocks from the tower. Every Jenga tower (every single Jenga tower!) is built differently. No two Jenga towers are the same, and for that matter, no two Jenga blocks are the same. It is not guaranteed that the strategy you applied during your last Jenga win, will ensure a victory again.

Psychological warfare
Concentrate on the game, and don’t get distracted; not only during your turn, but also during your opponent’s turn. Keep an eye out for blocks that loosen up when your opponent is eliminating blocks. Also, I asked you not to get distracted, I didn’t ask you to not distract! Everything is fair in love, war, and Jenga. Make your opponents laugh when they are trying hard to take out an extremely difficult block, talk to them, distract them, just so that they fumble and you win. You are in it to win it, right?

Golden Tip
Your aim should be to prevent the tower from collapsing, and not building the highest Jenga tower. Maintaining stability of the tower by ensuring proper removal and placement of singular blocks would automatically lead to the creation of a taller and more stable tower. At every turn, before you decide which block you want to eliminate, test the tower first. Do this by gently tapping blocks with your fingers and look for blocks which are not perfectly stuck and can be easily removed. As the game progresses, the blocks which were earlier perfect-fits in the tower, would become loose blocks and vice versa. The trick is to continuously keep checking for loose blocks that can be easily moved, and get rid of them first, before your opponent does.

These tips might help you improve your Jenga tactics and the way you play it, but a steady hand, sheer concentration, extreme patience, and lots of practice are the keys to being a winner at Jenga. That, or a sober you and drunk and intoxicated opponents!

Icebreaker Games for Office Staff Meetings Tips

Be it a workforce conference or an office gathering, icebreaker diversions are the coolest approaches to begin off. They help the staff individuals grope agreeable to talk. They urge the staff individuals to convey what needs be transparently by calming them of their strains and work push. Meeting icebreakers serve as a fantastic approach to begin a workforce conference. Here is a rundown of some fascinating icebreaker amusements for office gatherings.

In this icebreaker activity, the staff members are made to sit in a circle. Each of them is asked to find 5 things about the person to his/her left. They are given 5 minutes to complete this activity after which they are asked to introduce the person to their left, to the rest of the group. This icebreaker is a slight variation to asking each member to introduce him/herself. Moreover, this activity helps the group members know each other.

Who Could Have Done That?

Each participant writes a line about him/herself on a separate piece of paper, something that he does/does not do or like to do; it should be a fact that most other members won’t know about. Based on what the line describes, others have to guess who could have written it. The participants are sure to share a few laughs over the guesswork.
For this game, you will need a set of note cards and pens. Distribute a pen and paper to each of the staff members. Ask each of the group members to write a line about him/herself. Something like, “I cannot cook” or “I have never been to the Niagara Falls ” or “I hate exercising” can be written based on which the other team members have to guess the person who has written that. Ask the people to write a fact that most of the other team members do not know. The guesswork is sure to create laughter and prove to be an excellent way to break the ice.

Let’s Form a Group

The announcer asks the players to form groups based on zodiac signs, birth months,colors worn, etc. Members of a group then introduce themselves to each other.
In this icebreaker game, one of the staff members is made to announce a classification based on which the other group members organize themselves. For example, the announcer can ask the members to form groups based on their birth month. The members can be asked to form a group based on their zodiac signs. Possibly, people wearing the same color can be asked to form a group. This icebreaker activity fosters a team spirit and a sense of unity among the staff members.

Animal Instinct

For this game, the office chairs are arranged in a circle and each of them is labeled with the name of an animal. A list of gestures associated with each animal can be predefined and discussed with the group or the staff members can be given the freedom to define their own gestures for each animal. Each staff member is supposed to enact the animal allotted to the chair in which he/she is seated. The facilitator of the game signals the team members to exchange positions, thereby changing their gestures. This game suits a moderately sized group and serves as a funny and interesting icebreaker for meetings.

Who Am I?

Tag a celebrity name to each player’s back. Have him go to every other player asking for a hint. After receiving clues from all the players, he has to guess the celebrity.

The game ‘Who am I’ is sure to add a fun element to the meeting while also encouraging the staff members to interact. For this game, each staff member is given a celebrity name, which is tagged to his/her back. The staff member should not know the name given to him/her. Every member has to go to each of the other group members asking for a hint about the name tagged to his/her back. After receiving clues from all the staff members, the person has to guess who he/she is! This game is suitable for both large and small groups. You might like to go through this collection of icebreaker games for small groups for more ideas.

Last Minute Icebreakers

Here we give you some fun icebreakers that require no special preparation and can be planned last minute. In planning for the staff meeting, you may not have enough time to arrange for icebreaker games and stuff. So it’s best to have some last minute games that require nothing more than just participants. Given here are some such games for staff meetings.

Two Truths and a Lie

Well, everyone knows this game. It requires no special planning. Just get every member to tell two truths and a lie about him/herself and ask the others to guess what the lie was. This is a fun way to let the staff members know about each other. A slight variation to this game could be asking each participant to tell some (say five) facts about him/herself while the others guess which of them are not facts.

You Too?!

Divide the players into groups of 3 or 4. Members of each group discuss their likes and dislikes with each other and try to find at least 3 things common to them.

For this activity, make teams of three or four depending on the number of participants. Allow the members of each group to discuss their likes, dislikes or lives for 10 minutes. During this time, members of each group find three things that are common to all of them. It could be anything like all of them love to sing, or that all of them are bad cooks or that all of them are die-hard fans of Angelina Jolie… just any three things they have in common. Finding something in common can actually foster healthy communication among people. So, this one’s more than just an icebreaker game, right?

Talent Hunt
Ask the staff members to name one talent they have, something they are gifted with. It could be dancing, singing, mimicry, storytelling… anything. Ask each of them to perform for a minute or two. Also have each participant introduce him/herself before performing. This game will help the staff members know each other and also unveil the talents they have.

Office Trivia
This is interesting. No, you don’t have to prepare a questionnaire beforehand. Have the participants ask each other some fun questions about the workplace. Questions like “How many cubicles does level 1 have?”, “How many employees sit on level 2?”, “What’s the deadline for project ABC?”, “Who’s leading project XYZ?” or “What’s the color of the flowers kept at the reception desk today?” could be asked. It’s these everyday things that confuse people and that adds all the fun to this game. You could have two prizes here; one for the wittiest question and one for the participant who gave the maximum correct answers.
Besides the icebreaker games mentioned above, you can make creative use of some interesting conversation starters or these funny icebreaker questions before you begin with serious talk.

Ways to Buy an Air Hockey Table

unduhan-15One of the entertaining arcade games around, has to be air hockey. There’s no better way to spend those tickets than trying to beat your friend or younger brother at a game, there is no other such definitive win. And if you’re trying to buy one for yourself, you’re awesome! Apart from the arcade style coin-operated Super Mario Bros., I think the air hockey table should be a must have for anybody and everybody. So, in order to help you out on your buying one, here’s a few thing to keep in mind when you go out into the stores or search the Internet.

The Table

You need to decide what kind of table you want to buy, depending on a few ‘restrictions’, if you want to look at them that way. The first one being space. Doesn’t matter if you’ve been saving up for months, if you can’t make enough space for the large table and still have enough for two people to move around it, then you can’t really have fun playing. Here are the three types of air hockey tables that you will find, along with some extra types that you might like.

Basic Table
These are the ones meant for a kid’s bedroom or, basically, for kids. The tables are really small, have snap-on or bolt-on parts. They may or may not have fans for the air cushion. They are easy to assemble or dismantle so they can be stored away when not in use. You can get this if you have a real space problem.

Most of these tables are around 32 inches or 40 inches to 4 feet and may have no legs (the smaller ones), just put them on an elevated surface and start playing. Another problem with these tables can be the lack of quality. Basic tables are good when you start playing on them, but they get weathered a lot faster than most of the big, quality tables. They dent faster than mid-size air hockey tables and need to be replaced faster. But on the upside, they are very cheap, anything from $50 to $250.

Mid-Range Table
Most people tend to buy the standard mid-range air hockey table. What they may not know is, there are two things to consider here – one is the size and the second is the quality. If the table has a large size and is offered for a cheaper price, that means there is a compromise on quality for a bigger table size. They will not last long and the fans are weaker than those on a better priced table.

If the table is a bit smaller than an arcade table but is costlier than the type mentioned above, it means that the quality of the table is quite good and the fans should work fine for a long time. They are quite resilient to dents, but not indestructible. They will dent and warp in time and you will find it a pain to play on them, but only after a long time and thousands of fun games. These tables will cost anywhere from $500 to just around $1000.

Arcade Size Table
If you really want to break a leg playing air hockey, nothing less than an arcade table will do. They are big, strong and last a lifetime. An arcade table is generally at 7 feet or 7.5 feet long. They are quite tedious to install and once you do, you can’t move it around. One problem here is the space. As you can figure, a 7 feet long table can be hard to fit in an average sized home, but the real problem is the surface of the floor of where you’re going to keep the table. These table have perfect fans meant to give the least friction possible, which means your puck will feel the tilt if the table is not perfectly horizontal. The good news is that most tables come with adjustable legs to help the table become perfectly horizontal. The other thing is, a slight tilt won’t be a real bother in a game, just that seeing the puck floating to one side when you’re not really playing can be a bit annoying. I mean, you’ll be bugged if you just spent a truck load to get a table with a puck that moves on its own.

As far as the quality of the table is concerned, buy it from a reliable brand and remain assured of it. They look so good they will easily be the biggest jewel in your crown. An arcade air hockey table will cost you $1000 upwards and with most of them generally under $1600. Some of them may cost you around $2500, $5000 or $7000 (Barron Games QUAD AIR Redemption Air Hockey Table is for $6,995.00).

Special Tables

These tables have an extra something to ‘tweak’ your playing experience a little.

Also known as a Boom-a-Rang air hockey table, it feels like playing pinball, only there are no buzzers or knobs in there, but another person on the other half. The advantage of getting a boomerang table is the size of it. It’s like cutting an entire hockey table in half and joining them up on the sides. A very fun variant of regular air hockey.

Think you’re better than regular air hockey? Try out a more ‘professional’ version. It’s actually nothing but a regular arcade table with attachments along its center to raise an opaque screen in the center of the table. This way, you don’t see where the puck is coming from, till it’s in your half of the table. The advantage with it is you can always take off the screen to enjoy regular air hockey.

8 Feet Air Hockey Table
Yes, the table is 8 feet long. I really haven’t tried to play on a table this big, but I think the game should be a little slower with the puck taking ages to cross the table.

The Better Air Hockey Brands

Take your pick from the following brands that offer the best air hockey tables around. Note that some of them deal mostly in arcade tables.

  • Dynamo
  • Fat Cat
  • Shelti
  • Imperial
  • Playcraft
  • Barron
  • ICE

They are the most credible brands around.

Extra Tips

There are a few more things to keep in mind when you buy an air hockey table.

  • Make sure the fans are right. The air flow through the holes is more important than the playing surface itself. A good fan in an arcade air hockey table has an air displacement rate of 350 to 400 cubic feet per minute.
  • Make sure if the parts that bear the most hits (the inner edges of the table and the edges of the scoring slots) are not sealed but screwed in (that is,removable). That way, if they are dented or warped, you can get replacements and just screw them in. Also, make sure that you get replacements from where you bought the table.
  • Look for inner walls made of thick nylon or thick aluminum. They don’t dent as much as other walls and give an extra bounce for a faster game.
  • Make sure you’re going to get extra pucks and pushers with your table.

Take care of all the things and you’ll have for yourself a table that you will enjoy for quite a long time. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun when you play, whether it’s for the heck of playing or to win. So just make sure you bought the right table and game on.

Myriad Games Ideas

While online games are the most popular, sometimes staring at the computer screen becomes monotonous. Moreover, if the electricity is not there and there isn’t a backup, the day can get really boring. What does one do then? While reading books is an effective way to spend free time, not everybody has the patience to do so. At such times, indoor games become the salvaging factor.

Fun Games to Play If You are Bored at Home

Often ‘boring times’ come unexpectedly! You end up looking around the house to do something fun. Here are some fun things to do when you are bored at home.

Pictionary is an interesting game that gets everybody involved, because it’s an easy game to play. Moreover, all you need to play this game is a whiteboard, marker and loads of enthusiasm. A simple book will also suffice instead of whiteboard. Ask each person to draw clues and the rest can guess. The clues can be regarding movies, famous people, parables in the Bible or even popular brands. This game is one of the most interesting games to play at home with your family when bored.

Memory Game
For a bunch of bored people trying to wile away time, the memory game is a simple, yet interesting game to play at home. In this game, just place about 10 items on a tray and cover it with a towel or napkin, such that the cloth covers all the items placed on the tray. Give each member a sheet of paper and a pen. The individuals are given exactly one minute to memorize the items in the tray, after which you need to cover the tray with the towel. The members are given another minute to list the items in the tray. The person who manages to enlist the most number of items correctly is the winner.

Board Games
Depending on the number of members in your family, you can select your board game. If you have kids, then the age of the children playing will also determine the game being played. Board games list is vast right from monopoly, pentagon, suitcase detectives to murder mystery mansion, etc. You can pick up some interesting ones, suitable for the ages of your kids. Mastermind and Othello are some of the best board games for two people.

But, what if you are alone at home and have nobody to play a game with you. At such instances, puzzles come to the rescue! Puzzles are lots of fun and keep you occupied for quite a while. Just time yourself and try and complete the picture. Once you are done, raise the time limit bar and try to complete it in a shorter time. Puzzles can be really addictive!

Games to Play When Bored For Kids

Kids get really bored during their seasonal vacation breaks. They seem to have lots of time and don’t know what to do all day. To keep kids busy you can teach them a few games, that will not only keep them occupied, but will also help enhance their creativity and thinking skills.

Treasure Hunt
Children love challenges, thus, if you have two or more kids in the house, set up a treasure hunt. Just hide some simple utility items at different places in the house and backyard. Leave some clues for the children and have them hunt down the hidden treasures. This will keep them occupied for sometime and will also leave them thrilled and excited at the end of the day. Treasure hunts are always fun games for kids.

Footprint game
If you have only one child and no other kids to give him or her company, then have your child play the footprint game. For this you will need loads of newspapers. Join several newspapers with tape to form a large single sheet. Place this large sheet in the backyard or terrace as per your space availability. Now, dilute two shades of watercolor (red and blue) into two tubs, ensuring they are not too watery. The tub with blue shade is for your child, while the other tub with red is for you. The game is to step in the tub of paint and make your footprint anywhere on the newspaper. Once your child makes the footprint, you get the next chance to make your footprint. The game is to make three footprints adjacent to each other, of your color to win a point. To stop your opponent from gaining a point you should make your footprint and block his point.

Water Gun War
Outdoor summer activities are wonderful ways to keep kids occupied during the summers. Buy super soaker water guns or regular water pistils for your kids. Once you have the water guns, play the freeze game. The person hit by a jet of water is to freeze in his or her place. He or she can only begin playing again when another jet of water hits him. Water games are fun games to play outside.

How to Play Jacks

unduhan-16Jacks is a commonly played game, whose origins can be traced back to ancient Greece. Evidence of this, is found in the Greek texts of the Iliad and the Odyssey. These texts contain passages describing a similar game. In Greece, this game was mostly played by women and children, and was known by the name of “pent alit ha” or “five-stones”.

This game is played by tossing an object in the air, and picking up ‘jacks’ before the object touches the ground. Many variations of this game have developed over the years. For example:- “Tropa”, where the object of the game was to throw the knuckle bones in such a way that they landed in a hole, dug up for the purpose of the game. Another variant of this game included the throwing of astragaloi onto a flat surface, and then counting the values of the sides on which the bones fell. The different faces of the bones, fetched different points. The convex side scored 1 for the narrow part, and 3 for the broad part. Similarly, the concave side scored 6 for the narrow side, and 4 for the broad side. Later, more variations for the throwing of bones were developed, and given specific names such as Midas, Alexander, Venus, King, Vulture, etc.

Jacks: Requirements
It is played using a rubber ball and 6-12 small six-pronged, metal or plastic jacks. Alternatively, seeds and small stones can also be used.
Ideally, it should be played on a uniformly flat and smooth, hard surface like a table top. Alternatively, a hardwood or linoleum covered floor may also be used.
Number of players is not defined. The game can be played solo, as well as in small or large groups.

Jacks: Rules and How to play

Step 1: To decide who starts the game, all players take equal number of jacks in their hand and toss them in the air, with the objective of catching as many as possible on the back of their hand. The player with the maximum jacks on his hand is the first to begin the game. Thereafter the game proceeds clockwise. This can also be decided by a coin toss or by playing a round of rock-paper-scissors.

Step 2: The first player scatters the jacks uniformly on the playing surface, takes the rubber ball in his hands, and lightly throws it upwards. This action is called a “jockey”. As soon as the player does this, he must pick up one jack and while managing to catch the ball before it bounces back.

Step 3: The jacks must be in hand while catching the ball. After the ball has been caught, the player transfers the picked up jacks to the other hand, leaving his hand free for playing the next turn.

Step 4: If the player is successful in the first turn, he throws the ball again, but this time he must pick up two jacks before the ball bounces. For each turn the number of jacks to be picked up, increases by one, till the turn is reached where the number of jacks being picked up totals 10.

Step 5: Each turn has its own term depending on the number of jacks being picked up. The first round, where you pick up 1, is called “onesies”. When 2 jacks are picked up, that round is called “twosies”. In this manner the rounds that follow are “threesies”,”foursies”, and so on till the last round of “tensies”.

Step 6: A player commits a foul, if he fails to catch the ball before it bounces, or if he is unable to collect the exact required number of jacks before the ball hits the surface.

Step 7: It is also considered a foul when the player collects more jacks than required, drops one that he has picked up, or if he accidentally moves any jack from its original place.

Step 8: The occurrence of a foul causes that players turn to end, and passes the turn on to the next player. When the turn comes back to a player, he must resume playing from the same level that his previous turn ended on.

Step 9: The player who reaches the highest round, wins the game. Alternatively, each jack may carry points and at the end of the game, the player with the most points, wins.

Step 10: The game can also be played using small stones or seeds.
Jacks: Game-play Variations

Bouncies – Letting the ball bounce once before grabbing it.

Double Bouncies – Allowing the ball to bounce twice, before it is caught.

Black Widow – Player goes from “onesies” to “tensies” in one turn. If the player fouls and ends his turn, he must start from “onesies” again, when his turn arrives.

Around The World – The player makes a circle in the air around the ball, after it is thrown, and then picks up the jacks.

Dump – Player puts 5 jacks in a heap, and picks one up without disturbing the other four. He tosses it in the air, scoops up the other four, and then catches the tossed jack in the same hand.

Clicks – This is an addition to the other variations, where, while collecting the jacks, they must make a clicking sound.

No Clicks – No noise should be made when collecting and catching the jacks.

Punishments – These can be any actions such as clapping, that have to be performed while the ball is still in the air, before collecting the jacks. The players collectively decide the action before the game begins.
Jacks: Game Versions

❥ The people of Cork, Ireland play a version of this game, called “gobs”, using the small quartz pebbles, that are easily found on the beach.

❥ Native Africans play a version of this game, using pebbles and without the use of a ball.

❥ “Kugelach” or “Hamesh Avanim” is played by Israeli children. They play using 5 metal, dice-shaped cubes.

❥ This game is called “chucks” in England, and in Korea, it is called “gonggi”.

The materials that are used to play this game can be changed according to the players preference. Also, the rules and variations can be molded according to the player’s imagination. Its versatile nature makes it an easy game to play, whenever, wherever.

Tips to Play the ‘Heads Up, Seven Up’ Game

It’s essential that kids should be taught why cheating during a game or in school is never the right choice. Teachers and parents should explain them how cheating can seem an easy way out, but can also bring harmful consequences later on.
Why do kids love playing games? The simplest possible way to answer this question is because it’s so much fun. When the weather is favorable, you can engage them in a number of games and activities that help banish boredom. But, when it’s time to burn off some pent-up energy indoors, you can find interesting games to play besides video games.

Take the ‘Heads Up, Seven Up’ game for example. It’s innovative as well as challenging, and has the ability to keep kids interested for at least an hour. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go over the rules and instructions to play the ‘Head Up, Seven Up’ game, and have a ball.
How to Play ‘Heads Up, Seven Up’
Depending on where the kids are playing the game, ensure that there’s a table that can be used to lay their heads on. Gather all the players, anywhere between 6 to 14 or over, and have them sit in front of you to understand the game’s rules.

★ Pick a team of 7 players and ask them to stand in front of everyone. The other players will find a place to sit.

★ One of the 7 players or you (the referee of sorts) says, “Heads down, thumbs up.” At this time, all the seated players will close their eyes and put their heads down on the table or a pillow. Next, they will stretch their right arm out and keep the thumb up as well. As they do this, make sure all the seated players have their eyes closed and no one is peeking.

★ One by one, each of the 7 standing players will walk around the room quietly and touch one seated player’s thumb or tap on the back.

★ As and when the seated players’ thumbs get touched, they will keep their heads down and lower their thumbs.

★ The 7 players will go back to their starting position, standing in front of everyone.

★ Again, one of the 7 players or the referee will say, “Heads up, seven up.”

★ All the players will raise their heads. However, the players whose thumbs are down will stand up as well.

★ Once they are standing in their place, each player has to guess which of the 7 standing players touched their thumb.

★ If a seated player guesses correctly, he/she will take that standing player’s place. If the guess is wrong, the seated player will have to play the next round.

★ Once everyone is done guessing within the time limit, you can wipe the slate clean and start all over again.
Rules to Follow
★ Invite as many people as you can to play the game. However, you can play the game with a small group of 6 or 7 players as well.
★ Players who have kept their heads down cannot peak or lift their heads to see who tagged them.
★ Each round of the game consists of 10 minutes. So, if the players cannot guess who tagged them accurately within the time limit automatically lose, and will stay in their spots for the second round.
Ask someone to keep an eye on all the players to make sure that no one is cheating during the game. If you suspect foul play from the players who have their heads down, tie a piece of cloth around their eyes to prevent it.

Games to Play That’ll Help Break the Ice

For some, getting a conversation started can be a daunting task, especially if it’s a new couple or with their kids. For others it can come quite naturally. Sometimes you and your mates might be stuck at a place where card games or board games aren’t an option. Regardless of the situation you are in; maybe you are waiting in line at the bank with your friend, driving, or when there’s load shedding at home, conversation games are a classic way to spend time.

These games not only improve your relationship with the other person, but also help to get people talking about things which they may not normally be comfortable with. Listed below are a few conversation games. All you need is a little bit of imagination.

Good Conversation Games

Truth Or Dare
For this game, the group has to sit in a circle. Now take a bottle, place it in the middle of the circle and spin it. When it stops its cap portion will face one player and other side will face another. One of them has to ask “truth or dare” to the other player. If he selects truth, player asks him question & if he selects dare, he has to given challenge to complete. There are ample sites suggesting funny questions and hilarious dares to complete. Here is our list of truth or dare questions.

My Name is Alex
This game is very helpful for kids, as it helps improve their vocabulary and sentence construction. This game starts with one person adding a name and a thing, but in an alphabetical order. Take for example, the first player says A my name is Alex and I like Apricots, the next player has to say, A my name is Alex and I like Apricots,B my name is Bosco and I like baseball. And the game continues with each player reciting and contributing more to the chain.

Two Facts And a Lie
In addition to getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend better, this game will help you to understand how well (or poorly) your significant other lies. The premise of this game is easy: you need to state three stories, two of them are true and the third one is a lie. Your partner has to guess what is true and what is not.

How’s Yours?
You require a large group of friends or gather a large group of people to play this game. A group of people team up against one guesser. The team needs to provide clues to the guesser but which can’t be too easy or hard. It is somewhat like twenty questions, but the only question the guesser is allowed to ask is how’s yours? To find an object, all the team members need to decide on something which is fairly common and everybody has it; for example a passport, a cell phone, or an email account.

The guesser then questions one of the team members, how’s yours? The questioned individual has to provide an honest clue that will help the guesser to figure out the object. The guesser is entitled to only one guess per clue. If the guesser is able to answer your clue, then you have to be the next guesser.

Make It or Break It
All of us imagine the type of man/woman we want in our life. This particular game is all about that. In this game you need to imagine a man/woman with all the qualities you wish to have in them. Then one of the players says ‘Make it or Break it’ and adds one bad quality to them. Then the rest of the group decides if they would still prefer to be with that person even if they possess that bad quality.

Name Ten
This is a fun and frolic family related game and is very simple to play. One player has to declare a particular category such as fruits, animals, or birds. The other players need to list down ten examples of that category. The player who came up with this category needs to ascertain if the examples fit in or not.

Last Letter
This one’s simple yet entertaining enough. One player has to start off by saying a random word and the next person has to continue by using the last letter of the previous word. The game continues until you reach a point where you can’t make a word that starts with that letter and has not been used before. So remember, words are not to be repeated. When a player gets stuck, he loses. There are four rounds to finish, and every time you lose, you get a letter from the word ‘KILL’. Thus, if you lose four times, that means you will be collecting all the four letters and hence get killed and lose the game.

20 questions
This is a game of pure logic. If you like logical reasoning then this game is for you. You need to decide on a physical noun like cake, cloud, or dog. The other player gets twenty questions to ask to figure out the object. It can be any type of question as long as it can be answered with a yes or no. After the twenty questions are up, the other player has to come up with a noun and you have to guess it.

Would You Rather
It’s more like rhetorical questioning. This game includes imagining scenarios that are both weighty. You need to think creatively for this game. Of course you can always search for scenarios online and include them in your game. Here is our list of would you rather questions. One player has to ask questions to the other player. The questions should start with ‘Would you rather’ and the other player has to answer by selecting one out of the two options. For example: Would you rather be very skinny or very fat?

I Have Never Ever
This game requires gulping down a drink (tea, coffee, beer) and the players need to take turns by saying “I have never ever done X”. If the other players have done that thing, they need to take a sip of their drink. This way you would understand who has done it and who has not. The beauty of the game is talking about things which you know the other players might have done, in this way getting them to finish their drink first.

Playing conversation games will let you connect and also have fun. But one thing to keep in mind is to have a playful mindset. Select the games you like and get your party rolling.